Jul 15

How To Build An Exciting Company Event Calendar & Boost Workplace Morale

Monday 15 July 2019 11:56am

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Are shoulders starting to droop in the office?

It might be time to organise some more fun, casual events for the team.

More often than not, when it comes to budget cuts, casual events and treats for the team are the first thing to go. However, this could be one of the worst decisions a business owner could make!

Companies with engaged employees are 2.5 times more successful, whether it’s in sales or performance. Plus, engaged employees are 87.5% less likely to leave the company!

If you want to increase performance, improve team retention and see your employees fall in love with their work, you need to show your appreciation with a company event calendar. Happy employees, happy business!

Planning a calendar of events for the team is a surefire method of keeping spirits high in the office and give the team something to look forward to, even if it’s just a casual lunch or some extra treats in the office, like doughnuts and chocolates for special events or some cheeky bevvies on a Friday.

Want to learn how to create an events calendar for the team? Read on. We’ve come up with 4 essential elements for your up-and-coming company event calendar.

#1. Create a shared calendar across the business 

Australians spend one third of their day in front of a computer, mobile or television screen – 9.4 hours on average. We spend our work days in front of computers, then head home to catch up on Netflix and browse through our Facebook feeds.

For office workers, it’s even worse. Office workers spend an average of 11.4 hours in front of blue light screens.

We’re spending more and more time on our computers – so put a fun event in front of the team. Add it to their calendars!

Using software like Google Calendar, you can create a shared calendar across the business or company, so everyone can see special events like casual lunches, dinners and social events. Just being able to see that good things are coming up in the week is enough to raise morale.


#2. Add everyone’s birthday to the calendar and create the expectation of cake

Once you’ve got a shared calendar set up, it’s prime time to make everyone feel special. Add everyone’s birthday to the calendar!

The birthday boy or girls’ name will appear at the top of the day, so everyone will know it’s their special day. Everyone can plan an office party for them or, if they’re not a huge birthday person, the team can organise a simple gift card, a bouquet of flowers (or doughnuts), or even just a cake.

You want to show each and every member of the team they matter. Celebrating their birthday is one sure-fire way to show you’re paying attention!


#3. Plan to have a casual event once a month

You want to make casual outings a regular thing – we’re talking once a month. Whether it’s a casual lunch, dinner or even a trip to the bowling alley, you’ll be giving the team something to look forward to each and every month.

It’s a chance for your employees to let their hair down, maybe throw back a couple of drinks, and get to know each other a little better.

Behaving like a professional in the office day-in-and-day-out is no way to get to know someone personally. Organise a team outing and make sure all work-talk is strictly banned! You want to share personal stories, jokes and tid-bits, so your relationship grows and you can all have fun rather than focusing on work.

Book the event towards the middle or the end of the month – it’s the perfect excuse to take a breather and have some fun.


#4. Organise outings before all the major holidays

Naturally, you want to have something planned for all the major holidays. For example, you need to book a restaurant or venue at least eight weeks ahead of Christmas, otherwise the odds of getting a reservation are slim to none!

If you’re planning a Christmas get-together, we recommend booking ahead of time. Talk to the team and find out when everyone is going to be available before Christmas, then add it to the shared team calendar, call the venues and make sure everything is booked – otherwise you might miss out!

It’s also worth considering whether other public holidays should be celebrated – like Easter. Instead of booking a casual event, consider putting on an Easter egg hunt or have lots of chocolates around the office for everyone.

Whether you’re planning an outing for the holiday or providing special snacks, dress-ups and activities in the office, make sure to add it to the calendar with lots of details. For example, let everyone know if there’s a theme for the day, or if everyone needs to bring in some snacks or baked goods to share with the team.

Pack your company calendar with exciting events and watch morale in the office skyrocket!

Company events help to validate your employees, boost company morale, promote creativity and create a better, more focused team.

What’s not to love? - Set aside part of the budget to fund fun events for the team. Casual lunches, dinners, outings and treats in the office are a surefire way to improve productivity in the office and ensure your team stays happy in their job!

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