McDonald Jones Stadium aims to be accessible and welcoming to all. Both the Eastern and Western Grandstands provide access for people with impaired mobility.

Lift access and ramps
The venue features lifts in the centre of both grandstands to all levels with tactile signage and lift controls that are within easy reach of wheelchair users. Tactile floor tiles are located in both grandstands to warn vision- impaired people the position of ramps and stairs.

Access to the Eastern stand and the South hill is through entry Gate L via the southwest ramp. The North hill can be reached via the northern ramp. People entering the Western stand are guided through the turnstiles and to the lift in the centre of the building. 

Wheelchair Seating
Reserved seating is available in both Grandstands for wheelchair users. These seats are located in the Eastern Grandstand in Bays 2,4,8,10,13,15, 21 and in the Western in Bays 23,54,55,56,57,62,70. Disability toilets are located on every floor throughout the stadium close to the designated seating bays. Wheelchairs are welcome on the general admission hills on the flat top of the hills. To purchase a Wheelchair seat for the Newcastle Knights and/or Newcastle Jets please contact Ticketmaster on 1300 446 925 or visit the Ticketmaster box office at McDonald Jones Stadium.
Mobility Parking
Mobility parking areas are in close proximity to each of McDonald Jones Stadium's accessible entries. To purchase a Mobility parking for Newcastle Knights and the Newcastle Jets or any other event held at McDonald Jones Stadium please purchase one through their website  or visit a Ticketmaster box office at McDonald Jones Stadium.


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